An evening course covering all aspects of the CAP413 neccessary to pass the CAA written and practical examinations.


Next course starts 13th May 2020


The course covers:
1. All emergency calls Distress and Urgency (& relaying Distress)
2. MATZ penetration calls and LARS
3. Circuit phraseology
4. VDF information
5. VFR departures, arrivals and en-route
6. Information that MUST be readback
The instructor is a current Air Traffic Controller / Private Pilot, thus knowing the standard required to pass this exam.


Please note that this course runs every term (3 per year) and is held in Loughborough. It does NOT include the two RT examinations.
The sessions run in the evening between 1900 and 2100


Telephone: Pete Stevens 0770 8833525
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.